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In today’s world of ever-accelerating change, performing one’s job is becoming increasingly challenging.  mapConsult helps overcome these challenges: For leaders, who want to expand and consolidate market value, even at a global scale, and who need to rely on highly engaged employees. For employees or individuals, who aspire to find meaning and a sense of community in their work life within companies and institutions that demonstrate high moral and social values.

Martina Pulver, the owner of mapConsult, supports her clients in various ways, customized to their needs and aspirations. Whatever project she takes on, she executes with a high level of integrity, a constant concern for quality, and great personal engagement.

mapConsult supports both leaders and employees to better connect, perform with greater ease and enjoy collaboration across markets, functions, and cultures.

mapConsult enjoys a large, international network of like-minded coaches, facilitators, and trainers, which underscores its offer at a global scale.

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